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Hi guys, my blog is now officially @ http://www.ahchow.net – More stuff are added!!!

Pls do update ur links. Pls let me know too if you have change ur blog url! Thank you!

Ok updates, 21 more days to POP. Say fast also not fast, slow also not slow. Don’t know larh. Army life sucks. Now I understand.
Celebrated Peishan’s birthday 2 weeks ago. The plan was steamboat at Jiayi house and after that to my place and drink, play poker, mahjong and cut cake. I guess everyone really enjoyed themselves. So did not sleep whole night then morning straight away go out. Laksa then go OCC for pool. LOL. Crazy.
For more pictures and videos, you can go to my facebook and check it out.
Happy 20th Birthday PS!
Happy 20th Birthday PS!

Well, friday watched Angels and Demons with Jiayi, Peishan and Bo @ Yishun GV. Starting of the show I fell asleep for like 10min LOL! Then after that the show really excites me. Well, it was quite a nice show. Can watch. 🙂 Next went to eat prata talk cock until 6am. When we were walking some stupid cat keep following us. Trust me. All of us freaked out. $%^&*.

Hi all, sorry for the long wait! Been kinda busy with life as a soldier. For those who do not know which company I’m in, I’m in BMTC SCH 2 LEOPARD COY. Come to think of it, time kinda fly quite fast. Upcoming event is the field camp. After that sittest then basically nth much liao. Basically then train to pass IPPT etc. I simply hate IPPT. Field camp, how would it be? I just hope it don’t rain. I’m looking forward to POP everyday, then 11 days block leave! Gonna enjoy the 11 days and have fun like fuck. Then pray everyday will get posted to slack unit like bo =.=. He told me pray will work so I shall try.

Well guys, I will not be booking out next week as there’s confinement cause of the field camp. When field camp finishes, it will be on thursday and we can book out casue labour day le! Long weekend! YES!

These few weeks have been meeting up with friends to slack larh, eat, drink and mahjong. Main people are like ps, jy, bo, paul & nigel. Nth much interesting. And I’m so gonna book in soon as I have sunday 24hrs GUARD DUTY!!!! $%^&*&^%$! Early book in sucks!

Alright, shall blog more the next time! My life is not intresting as for now.


Anyone craving for sentosa? LETS GO!

Hey all, I will be in tekong sch 2 for BMT =\ Well, shall not be online for 2 weeks. =D Meanwhile take care everyone and if anything important, drop me an sms, I would reply.

Have been sleeping my life away these few days. Yesterday morning went to CMPB take photo. NNB. They forgot take photo for me during the previous medical checkup. So I have to go all the freaking way down to CMPB just to take a photo and go all the way back home. And I sleep again.

This valentine gonna be soooo lonely, lol what’s new. Hopefully can spend it with my dear friends. *BELIEVE IN KARMA!!!*

Suddenly thought of something. I seen some FYP project and was okay on the average and there are 1 or 2 which were ridiculous. Like the video and website and stuff lol. And I saw one very nice and creative one too. Well, don’t condem too much.

So did Chris Brown beat up Rihanna?

So, a brand new year. Many of my dear friends are in NS. One of them is PRINCEed.  And I’m like going in about a month’s time.

What I’ve been doing is to actually enjoy and slack my remaining days as civilian. Stuff like going out with friends for simple dinner, supper, movie, mahjong, chit chat etc. Normally I stay at home during weekdays but only go out at weekends.

CNY ang bao was a dissapointment haha! I’m trying not to go out to save $ to return debts. Well, end of month there will be a sum of money the government is giving to us. That will help me in some ways.

I remember first day of CNY went to bosheng house to play mahjong. Overnight at his house. His dad is a humourous one. Last saturday played at ceed house and yesterday played at bosheng house after lunch and some photohunting lol. Professionals.

Recently found out something quite stunning. Indeed it’s a small world. Or maybe it’s Singapore that’s small. HAHA!


Ceed ngeh si win mahjong. 

Bo Sheng is a Ping Hu King.

Very Nong no Update. Later updating ok. Staying home whole day update website and this blog. Think got a lot to type. But whenever I start to type, I tend to forget what I wanna say lol.


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